Doosan Stage IV excavators

Being one of the worlds leading brands of excavator, Doosan have developed a range of stage IV excavators.

doosan dx140 excavatorThe popular Doosan 14 tonne DX140LC-5 crawler excavator has improved engine power, torque, drawbar pull and front lifting capacity when compared to the previous model. The Doosan DX140LC-5 has a digging depth of 6.14m, a digging reach of 8.6m and a digging height of 8.74m.

doosan Dx300 excavatorThe bigger DX300LC-5 weighing in at 30 tonne is 900kg heavier than it’s predecessor which has increased drawbar pull by 8%, the 30 tonne machine is also stage IV compliant, powered by a Stage IV Scania DC9 5 cylinder diesel engine, with an output of 275 hp at 1800 rpm. The engine meets emission regulations without a diesel particulate filter (DPF)!

Intended for heavy duty applications such as earthmoving, demolition, quarrying and mining, the top of the range 52 tonne machine, the Doosan DX530LC-5 provides the bestsellers in class lifting capacities thanks to it’s wide digging platform. Powered by a fuel efficient Scania DC13 diesel engine, providing 380 hp, the DX530LC-5 has a digging depth of 6.77m, a digging reach of 10.77m and a lifting capacity at ground level of 20.6 tonnes at 6m!

doosan dx530 excavator

doosan dx165w wheeled excavatorOf recent times the Doosan range of Wheeled excavators have proved ever popular with the 16.5 tonne DX165W-5 short tail machine designed for tough jobs in tight conditions. The Doosan duck offers fantastic stability and low centre of gravity thanks to it’s long wheel base and good weight distribution. The DX165W-5 is built with the same undercarriage as the DX160W-3.

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