NC Engineering Site Dumpers

Site Dumpers at Mason Bros

With a dumper for any job site, Mason Bros have you covered!

Mason Bros are official dealers for NC Engineering across South West and East Wales, we offer the full range of NC Engineering site dumpers, from 1T to 10T featuring the high tip, swivel skip and straight tip models!


nc engineering 1 ton dumperThe 1T High Tip and 1.5T High Tip and Swivel Skip models available from NC Engineering are compact but powerful and the 4 wheel drive, hydrostatic dumpers host reliably Kubota engines. The 1T and 1.5T models are the ideal tool for rough terrain hard to access job sites with their compact size, 36 degree steering angle and gradability of 50%.


3 ton dumperThe 3T Straight Tip and Swivel Skip site dumpers offer the reliable Kubota engine, 2 speed automatic gear change on the go, priority load sensing hydrostatic centre pivot steering and form the ideal partner on challenging sites with the 33 degree steering angle and climbing gradability of 50%!



4.5 ton dumperThe mid range of NC Engineering dumpers, the 4.5T and 5T swivel skip machines each have a Deutz engine producing 55.4 kW and 4500kg and 5000kg payloads respectively.  Offering the same 2 speed seamless gear change and priority load sensing hydrostatic drive as the models below.



6 ton dumperThe SW6 Swivel Skip and ST6 Straight Tip boast a 6T payload capacity with a Deutz engine powering you along. The 6T range offer 4 speed Powershuttle transmissions and permanent 4 wheel drive.




10 ton dumperWith the 9T and 10T Straight Tip and Swivel Skip dumpers finishing off the range, the SW9, ST9 and ST10 house a Deutz TCD 3.6 engine producing 90kW of power, 4 speed Powershuttle transmission and permanent 4 wheel drive, the 9 and 10T dumpers are ideal for covering large areas with speeds of up to 32kph easily do-able.


The entire range of NC Engineering dumpers offer unrivalled operator access and comfort, unrivalled rough terrain performance from the permanent 4 wheel drive, simple and safe operation, easy access to engine compartment for service and maintenance, folding ROPS, flashing beacon, recovery hitch and reversing alarm as standard.

Speak to the Mason Bros team for further information on the range of NC Engineering dumpers.

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