Rammer hydraulic hammers

Excellence Line

Rammer hydraulic hammers serve the demolition, recycling, mining, construction and quarrying industries worldwide.  The Excellence Line of hydraulic hammers from Rammer are designed and engineered for the harshest and most demanding conditions.

Designed to improve profitability, safety and performance, the Rammer Excellence Line of hydraulic hammers include the integrated smart RD3 remote monitoring system with MyFleet portal access to data allowing you to view operating hours, GPS locations and service intervals for easier fleet management and more efficient processes.

Performance Line

When Rammer developed the Performance Line, operator comfort was key.

The vibration and soundproof housing minimizes the noise level and effectively dampens vibrations.

Other innovative features such as quick tool change system, their automatic lubrication system Ramlube II and RD3 / MyFleet monitoring system, increase hammer performance and your company’s profits. Ramlube II and optional RD3 / MyFleet are available for Performance Line Medium and Large Range models from the R16P upwards.