Why are Doosan machines orange ?

Have you ever wondered why Doosan machines are orange ? .. let us explain.

Lets go way back ..

old doosan excavator

Back in 1977, Doosan signed a technology partnership agreement with Hitachi, Hitachi of which were already known for being orange. Orange became the renowned machinery colour throughout Korea and was easily recognisable on civil engineering sites on Korea’s mountainous terrain.

In the 1980’s, towards the end of the partnership, Doosan’s orange excavators dominated the domestic market in Korea. There was no competitor that could manufacture excavators as well as Doosan at the time. For this reason, orange became associated with Doosan so much so that other players in the market painted their equipment orange too.

The practicality of orange ..

Ever wondered why most construction machines are orange or yellow ? Excavators, wheel loaders and dump trucks are designed to work in dusty, dirty and rough conditions. Manufactures often choose colours such as orange and yellow as they are proven to stain less. Bright colours such as orange or yellow are also easily visible in green areas like forests.

A powerful identity ..

As Doosan’s equipment is considered as ‘strong and powerful’ in the market, Doosan chose what it saw as the most powerful colour, orange, over yellow. Since then, ‘Ultra-Doosan orange’, patented by Doosan has become part of their identity. Doosan have always carefully considered safety and with orange being such a strong contrast to earth, it’s fair to say they’re easily visible on construction sites.

81 years of progress ..

Over the years, Doosan has made remarkable technical advancements as far as machine performance is concerned but they take into account the small things too. For example, Doosan use eco-friendly paints that are free from heavy metals. Once exposed to ultraviolet rays, paint is easily discoloured and fades. In orange paint, this is more easily recognisable so Doosan have developed and applied weather-proof paints that barely result in discolouration.

Following many years of diversification and change, one things remains the same. Orange – the colour of choice for Doosan machines.

doosan machines